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We Must Choose to Choose Love

As anticipated, this morning came as a relief to some and heartbreak to others. C and I woke up holding one another a little tighter, hugged before leaving a little longer. The morning commute on the train was a little quieter, the air much thicker. In fear of what might come out of ones mouth, in favor of or disapproval of, many Americans remained speechless and silent.

I’ve said it all along, that this election was more than just about a particular party or a particular view. It was more than just the issues or melting pot of scandal, lies, and corruption. It was about basic human rights. It was about progression. Progression toward an ever growing, ever learning and adapting America. It was about protection and love.

With any expression of view comes backlash. Many returned their opinion on my personal fears of being a homosexual female, saying there are bigger issues at stake… in the end, there are checks and balances… and one man wont have the power to fulfill many of the promises he has made. I agree. I agree that there are many other issues at stake. I agree that many other minorities will face monumental challenges in the years, months, days to come. I agree that democracy is made possible by a system of checks and balances. I agree.

I also agree that unless you are standing in the shoes of those facing those challenges… as a member or ally of the LGBTQ, Latino/Hispanic, African american, female, Muslim, communities along with many more… that you don’t feel the fear the same way these communities do. No only because of one man… but because of the hate shown every single day by our fellow American brothers and sisters. You can say checks and balances will work out, and we all hope they do… but again, it is more than fear of just one man fueling these decisions. It is the fear of hatred. The hatred that now has a leader.

Regardless of what happens, I will be okay. The sadness and heartbreak I feel in regards to my right to marry, my right to healthcare, my right to equal treatment, etc., that will heal. I will still marry the the love of my life and spend the rest of my life loving my wife and family as I would have yesterday. I will still stand for what is right and advocate for those who cant. I will still accept and welcome people of all backgrounds in life, listening to their stories and supporting their needs. Regardless, I will be okay.

Whether or not our country will be- that is another question to be wondered. In my heart of hearts, I know that we can be… and in order to do so we must choose to be. We must choose to support one another. We must choose to accept one another’s differences and lead with an open mind. We must choose to choose love.



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