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Last Weekend Was a Dream

Once upon a time, four friends planned a camping trip… (thought to be borderline glamping by one), found out it was primitive in nature. Per usual, I chose to pack last minute, and we had a few food prepping details to finish. The nature of this trip did not stop us from living large when it came to food and drinks. Overnight Chia Oats with Cherries, Roasted Veggie Tomato Soup, Turkey Chickpea Spinach Burgers, and Fajita Veggie Skillets were some of the items on the menu. Oh, and (obvs) we had mimosas… because when do the four of us get together and not have mimosas? Once the car was packed, we took a short nap and hit the road around 12:00 am, soon finding ourselves face to face with a giant sand dune (at the crack of dawn).

So let’s just take a moment and acknowledge that all four of us are in pretty good okay shape. Well, you would have thought differently when you saw us panting ten minutes in. Exhausted (but excited) the four of us completed a 6 mile hike before even departing for the island. Six miles- hardly any sleep, straight from our six hour drives to the destination… pretty good if you ask me. We trecked on, always miscalculating how close we were to the end. It was questionable whether we were becoming delusional or if the water even existed, at one point. Every time we made it over the elephantine hills, (where we thought the shoreline beach was), we were faced with at least two more. Eventually… by the grace of some higher power, we made it.

The sights were unbelievable, pictures barely do it justice. It was so hot and our legs were so sore, but it felt so nice once we reached the water. Crystal blue, faint shadows of the islands far off. It was beautiful. Spotted our first bald eagle in the wild, and I was mesmerized by the millions of ladybugs on the beach. Workout for the day, check…. or so we thought.


After departing on the ferry (a ferry that served some pretty delish Bloody Mary’s) we reached our destination two hours later. Now the fun began… figuring out how to hike (with all of our stuff) to our campground (without dying). Those Bloody Mary’s didn’t seem so sweet at this point. CS took off in hopes of snagging one of the prime spots along the lake. N stayed with C and I, as we mainly I struggled to carry what felt like bowling balls through the uneven paths in the woods.

We made it. Smelly and sore, but we made it. We set up camp, tied our food up in a tree (hilarious), and scoped out where we would be able to dig a hole to go to the bathroom. That was probably the most interesting part for me. Never do I ever think I will feel as free as I did having to dig a hole in the middle of the woods, in the pouring rain.

Friday, we walked down to the water before the storms came. The bugs were unreal. I’m pretty sure we all got our protein fill for the day weekend that night. Once back at our campsite, we made hot chocolate (attempting to take pictures that apparently were just not meant to be) with CS’s jet boiler (biggest blessing we had all weekend), and walked out to the sand to lay down and stare at the stars.

Holy. Stars. If I could have taken a picture of that image and save it for the rest of my life, I would have. Never have I ever seen so many stars, and so bright, as we did that night. It couldn’t have been real. I’m still convinced that someone had Hunger Games-ish technology and placed a backdrop over the sky. It was just too perfect. Soon the storms came… and we fell asleep to the sound of rain on the tent.

Saturday, we hiked for over five hours. Seeing the beautiful cedar forests (these smells man, these smells), dunes (at which point CS had Hakuna Matata in her head and I couldn’t stop signing Toto’s Africa), and the trails surrounding our campsite. These pictures don’t even compare to the colors and textures in real life. Depending on where we were, it sometimes looked like a different country. So many types of terrain in just one place. We made it back just in time, too. Saturday night had some heavy rain.. which for the record- was an interesting night if you had to use the bathroom. Somehow, we managed to start a fire 1) in the rain 2) with wet wood (and the dry wood that N scavenged) and 3) cook our dinner before it began to pour. I mean come on, at this point we can agree that we are fershure ready for Naked and Afraid (.. right?).

Sunday, we did another little hike after spending the day drinking mimosa and talking life on the beach.

It’s trips like these that you never want to end. You learn things about one another and yourself that bring you closer. I for one, learned to go to the bathroom in a hole (under a poncho, in the pouring down rain, in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere) and faced my fears of spiders… not even flinching when one crawled on me. Win win. In all seriousness we reflected on who we each are as a person and helped one another recognize the support we all had for one another.

I miss the sounds already. The unrealistic stars painted across the sky. The sounds of trees, rain storms on the tent, wildlife, and burning fire wood. I miss the smells and the colors, but most importantly I already miss the people. Sometimes you cross paths with people, only to learn that they will always be in your life. No matter what. You’re forever friends, connected by something inside that will never break.

I could go on and on about this past weekend, and I absolutely will to friends and family as they ask me about it, but on here- I’ll leave it at just that. I am already counting down the days to when the four of us head out on our next adventure. This weekend was a dream, a dream I will cherish forever.



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