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Friday Feels + a Hey, What’s up? Hello.

A couple of days ago, I was offered a job. Sort of like my dream job too. I was offered a position as Director of Programs for a nonprofit organization that focuses on prevention and community health. It wasn’t until they started to talk about relocation that I realized… it was in the heart of South Africa.

Now if you know me, you might be thinking “well, you’re going right?” In another life, heck to the absolute yes, I would be on my way right now. But in this life, I’m right in the throws of balancing graduate school, nursing school, my professional and personal life, and everything in between. I recently took a position serving on the Board of Directors for a nonprofit, Eco-Soap Bank (look it up- they’re amazing!), whose philanthropic efforts are focused in Cambodia. I’m still writing for The Nourished Belly, and I have taken on some roles with two other organizations focusing on program development and grant writing.

By the grace of some larger than life power, I have been connected with fantastic opportunities and know I am moving in the right direction towards my goals. I am getting the right experiences, and I am always quick to take on more with a swift and enthusiastic “yes.” One thing I have learned, (and sometimes need C to remind me of) is that everything happens for a reason + everything aligns at the time that it is supposed to. Learning to say no, especially when you want something so badly, is difficult. To up and move across the globe at this point in time, would be amazing yes, but it’s just not the time. Not to mention… I would have a real life code Greys Anatomy over here (Flashbacks of when Arizona leaves Callie to go to Africa for those of you who aren’t crazy fanatics like I am). But C and I’s story would go a whole lot differently… because I don’t know about you, but Shonda Rhimes has no idea what she is talking about. Those two are meant to be together… #teamCalizona.

Okay, okay. Rant over.

So to my parents and grandparents reading this- I am not moving to Africa… yet. In another year and a half, once I can add some credentials to my last name, possibly. Even for just a year or two. That card is in the deck… just not sure when I’ll pull it.

But before I go (because who knows when I’ll be back) here are some updates on the life of C and I… who for sure need a nickname like Calizona.

Carash? Ashaline? Caroley? ……maybe not.

  • C and I are trying to coordinate our schedules with work so we can go on a mission trip to Guatemala. We are hoping to go in December, but we may have to wait until June (depending on work). More to come on that.
  • C has been playing on a softball league for a couple of games, and I absolutely love going. She’s great. To play myself? I need some training.
  • As I mentioned earlier, I started as a Board of Directors Member for Eco-Soap Bank. Seriously, check out their website. There initiatives are amazing, and I am so excited to be working with them.
  • C has been superwoman lately. Working a lot, but still the peppy little thing that she is (…and if she is reading this, she is for sure rolling her eyes at that choice of words hahaha).
  • The cats are great- trained them to like being outside. They love sunbathing just like their mommas.
  • Still arguing with C over the fact that I think a cockatoo would be a fan-flipping-tastic addition to our home. She does not agree.
  • Naturally, we are both sun burnt. Falling asleep at the beach is our downfall. But thanks to the Cherokee Indian in me, mine is already turning into a nice summer glow. Thanks, faja.

The Friday feels are in full effect. Got my sassy suede shoes and a sparkling water to start this weekend off right. Not to mention we have FIVE friends and an angelic little pup coming into Chicago for the holiday. Can you say (sing) welcome to our house party, party? Kidding. We will be soaking in the sun, getting even more burnt, and devouring a whole lotta food!

Enjoy the holiday with the ones you love! Sending lots of love and Friday feels to my friends and family back home. Love you all.



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