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Words cannot describe how lucky I really am. Between my family, the Augusta family, and friends, I didn’t celebrate my birthday once, not even twice.. I got to celebrate my birthday over and over and over for four days. Birthday lunches, birthday dinners, Pasta Sunday at the Augusta’s with my girls and THEE most delicious cake from Casa, birthday drinks, a brownie cake with sparkling candles, canoeing, nights out with the greatest friends, accidental champagne showers, and more (and more) cake! On top of that, my oldest baby brother turned XXI and he is officially one of the big kids! Surprisingly, I did not take that many pictures… but those are always the best times. The times when your heart feels so full and so happy that all that matters is being in the moment. I love every single person in my life, and cannot thank everyone for the many, many birthday wishes, gifts, and memories. XXIV years later, I couldn’t ask for a better life. XO-freaking XO.



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