Ghost of Holidays Past

The holidays got away from me this year. They were here and gone before I even knew it. C and I offered to host Thanksgiving at our home… without realizing what that actually entailed. We soon realized that cooking a turkey was not the same as cooking a chicken. With the help of her siblings, we all pulled off a delicious feast and enjoyed “Turkey and Grady”- as C’s baby nephew was in town.

Our first snowfall in the city happened since moving here… and I have to say I was surprisingly excited. Something about a city in the winter time. Its refreshing… in a cold, icy beverage type of way.

Between exploring the holiday version of the city and traveling back home to visit family and friends in Ohio, we definitely were reminded of the love that surrounds us. Sadly, my favorite time of the year is coming to a close… but until then, I will enjoy as many pumpkin pies and holiday movies as I can manage.

Wishing the happiest of holidays to you and yours!



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