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Week(end) Wandering: Ghost of Week(end)s Past & Holiday Edition

IMG_6938I really try to keep up with the blogging world, but I often find myself overwhelmed with a slew of pictures (that each at the time of being taken had their own little something to bring to a future post) and no time to sit down and bring my words together. Weeks have gone by, and SO much has happened. So here’s what’s been up with C and I in the Windy City.

 I experienced my first all day commute. I took three trains and two busses for a little under three hours to get to a location that was only 54 minutes away via car travel. Although the journey was fun, I took an uber back home… after getting lost and realizing the next bus wasn’t coming for another hour.

C’s birthday happened, and we got to explore more of the city during the weekend, along with a cozy movie day in during the rainy mid week.

 Our first Chicago snowfall happened. Big, chunky, cartoon-esque snowflakes.

 Which prompted plenty of cozy photo-op moments. Like watching the snow fall with a glass of wine, coffee and fuzzy blankets (an amazing pair of housewarming gifts), and a burrito made of two down comforters.  We also headed downtown to meet some of C’s family for dinner, see the city lit up with Christmas garb for miles, and a sleepy train ride back home.

Spent hours scraping out our car from the frozen snow rain that buried it, enjoyed one too many cheat meals, and spent days trying to figure out how in the world we were going to prepare and serve a turkey for thanksgiving dinner (neither of us had a clue about handling a turkey.)   With the holidays around the corner, that meant it was absolutely acceptable to decorate for Christmas… over a month early. Within 24 hours we transformed our apartment into a cinnamon filled winter wonderland… that would most likely stay that way until well after New Years. This also meant an excuse to hurry home and turn on the fireplace and lights. We successfully made a delicious and juicy turkey, with the help of C’s family, and no fire extinguishers needed to be used.

For the rest of the week, we explored more of Lincoln Square, snacked and feasted on leftovers for days, spent time laughing and watching movies with C’s family from out of town, and enjoying our first holiday season in Chicago. Absolutely, the most wonderful time of the year.



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