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DIY: Coffee Bar

I’m all for anything that involves cute jars, especially mason jars. I’m also for all things coffee related. So it just seemed fitting that as we prepared for guests from out of town, we make our own coffee bar! Simple and sweet, fitting right in the little corner nook on our counter. I assume that as we come across more jars and beans, we’ll keep adding to it.

As a gift, we were given some different coffees- ground and whole bean . So we found a couple larger jars to put them in. Filling one with ground coffee and another with beans, we soon had an easily accessible and way cuter way to enjoy your coffee. Using tiny jars we got as wedding favors, we filled them with our favorite coffee spices- nutmeg, cinnamon, and cocoa. We found a small coffee press for a decent price and a bowl for the filters. Voila! Coffee bar for.. 6? Target had cute black mugs that we stacked upside down next to the bar so our guests didn’t have to search through cupboards. In the end it was a great hit with company, and it is one of our favorite parts of the kitchen. Definitely a  DIY-win.



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