Strawberry Short Sheep Washing Tub

A small tale of Strawberry Short Sheep Washing Tub. Yes, you read that correctly. See that picture to the left? That was only the beginning. 

C and I worked on our Halloween costumes for months, knowing that we would be back in Ohio for a wedding and planned on celebrating the holiday too. Trying to be clever, we thought about different puns or a play on words that we could transform into a winning costume. Pinterest had been flooded with the super easy and cost effective pineapple and strawberry costumes… and from there an idea was born. I would be a strawberry and C would be a cake…. she’s also short… so she would be a “short-cake.” We cracked up at ourselves and this idea and crafted the perfect representation… or so I thought? 

We stopped by my parents and grandparents and were met with exactly what we didn’t expect. Poinsettia and dirt? Dances with Rain? A potato and a tomato…. the list when on. I was baffled that no one was getting it. Was I missing something?! C was worried that no one would understand what she was, and we were minutes away from meeting our friends. Trying to be clever (yet again… but failing) we thought of a cake.. more so a birthday cake. We stopped at the store to wrap blue “icing” around the tiers of cake, add a “candle,” and pinned “shorts” as a decoration in hopes that people would pick up on the goal of shortcake.

No. Absolutely not even remotely close. This is what we turned into and it brought a whole new slew of confusing looks and suggestions completely off base. By the end of the night, our final name was Strawberry (the part most people realized) Short Sheep Washing Tub. Our attempt at winning Halloween was, in my opinion, more than successful. Time will only tell what we will come up with next.


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