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Things I’m Learning About the Windy City

With the holidays coming up, it’s hard not to think about home. C and I have decided to switch off each year for the holidays. This year we will be here in Chicago with her family, next year in Ohio with mine, so on and so forth. I mainly miss the people back home more than anything, and I wish I could just move them all out here (so yes Ohio friends and family, when I win the mega millions, you’re moving to Chi-town). However, as homesick as I have been, I am also realizing that I’m starting to get the hang of city life. Having been in Chicago for a little over two months, I have started to learn the ins and outs. Like…

  • No one (absolutely no one) waits for the crosswalk light to come on. Despite what the light says, if you can gauge the speed and distance of the oncoming car and your ability to speed walk out of the danger zone.. You go. Oh and if you have a skateboard or longboard, you’re basically a car.
  • When the train becomes an express train… Hold. on. tight. It may or may not be a game to see how many passengers the conductor can knock out of their seat.
  • You may as well make your morning run in heels. If you have to dress up for work and majority of your outfits include heels, you’ll benefit from practicing your sprinting skills in them. I myself find this particularly helpful when almost every day I find myself bolting up every other stair to catch the train.
  • Silence and quiet becomes eerily creepy. If I don’t hear a siren, car horn, or jazz instrument at least once every two minutes.. something is wrong. At first I questioned how I would ever get used to the noise.. Now it’s just a part of life.
  • If you don’t have the Starbucks app on your phone to order ahead, you need to accept and understand that you will never have time to get Starbucks.. Ever. Thankfully, I can surpass the lines and crowded waiting area and grab my coffee and go.
  •  I no longer know how to drive. I haven’t but once since C and I moved here (She likes to drive, so I’m not complaining). I have this problem where the sound of car horn instantly sends my nerves into a panicked frenzy and fuels my body with anger. So I just can’t. I’ll take public tranposrtstiom over driving any day.
  • Speaking of… while the train ride to and from work every day is okay, it’s always an adventure when traveling any further. You may get on a bus or train and find out you’re going the wrong way after 45 minutes of thinking you mastered it.
  • Also- you get really creative at avoiding eye contact when you’re smashed in like sardines (yet more people still shimmy themselves onto the train) even when your faces are less than an inch apart.
  • You’ll never run out of places to eat.
  • You’ll never run out of places to grab a drink.
  • You might become the laziest human on the planet. There are services (and yes we’ve used them) that will deliver anything, at any time, anywhere. Groceries, Chipotle, wine, take out, Chipotle, medicine when you’re sick, pet supplies…. Chipotle… Wine…
  • There is life around every corner. No matter what day of the week or what time of day there is always something going on. There is so much diversity and culture that there is no time for boredom.
  • Taking an uber for a 4 minute drive (no matter what the weather is like) is one hundred percent acceptable.
  • The term Windy City is not just a phrase, and if you’re not careful your dress may fly up like a scene from a cartoon.
  • You fall in love with it every day.

Since moving here, I can genuinely say that this was the best decision I’ve made. I love my job, I love my (new) home, I love the people around me and those supporting me back home.. & im so excited to see what’s ahead.



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