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Week(end) Wandering

Time has a way of getting away from you… very quickly… and without you even realizing it. That is, until you realize its Sunday and you skipped one too many days of your workout and binge watched a little too much of your current obsession (Bones) on Netflix. Oh hey beginning of a new week! I am not ready for you whatsoever…

but let’s do this.

This past week/ weekend was another quiet one for the books. Getting over being sick really does take a toll on you and that lethargic mindset is a little very hard to kick to the curb. I spent my week researching and writing for my role at The Nourished Belly and finalized details for my exciting role with The National Multiple Sclerosis Society. (Cue endless Pinterest stalking of DIY decor for my office. Cha-ching!)

I (of course) tried to kick up the notch in my workout regimen, but turned to a nice run to the park Bones marathon on Netflix on several occasions. I’ll make up for it this week…

Furthermore, I spent countless hours looking at and attempting to figure out my grad school class schedule… which alone made me want to crawl in a hole and come out maybe in ten years.

On that days the C wasn’t working weird hours at the hospital we binge watched our 2015 Halloween Movie list, and in the process found some serious classics on Netflix. James and The Giant Peach (which I vividly remember watching over and over and over again back in the day…. on VHS of course), Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Aristocats…. yeah. Netflix seriously upped their game and added a whole treasure chest of top-notch films (which have now all been added to our watch list).

We did have the chance to head over to her cousin’s house for a night full of wine and laughs… lots of laughs. On our walk over we came across the cutest little package addressed to us from friends back in Ohio. Cutest little wine stopper from… but only.. Francesca’s Collections (aka one of the happiest places on earth). Absolutely love it!


We also attempted to find a drive-thru on a night where we just didn’t feel like cooking and accepted having (yet another) cheat meal. Well…. in Chicago… there are very few pretty much zero drive-thru’s in what feels like a 100 mile radius. So we drove and explored and intentionally sang terribly to music for about an hour… then decided on Chipotle.

Thinking about it now.. I’m not sure why we chose to try to find a drive-thru when we have millions of options within a short walking distance for miles on end. We got to explore more of the city so in the end it was a win.

IMG_5913The weather has definitely made a turn for the colder side, so scarves and fluffy sweaters were pulled out (refer to the perfect #basicfallselfie opportunity above). Saturday night we celebrated C’s grandfathers birthday at Pinstripes with dinner, drinks, and some friendly games of Bocce with the family. On the subject of Bocce.. I was on a roll (no pun intended). Having never played but maybe one time.. after consuming significant amounts of wine.. I am fairly new at this game. Yet somehow, I was rockin’ it.

Due to either the rich chocolate cake or the numerous Guinness beers I consumed last night… I was able to sleep in like a baby this morning. I woke up to both Cooper and Zoe (cats for those that don’t know) standing on my chest, staring at me, and begging me to get. out. of. bed.

And what better way to start a Sunday morning than with a hot mug of coffee and… Bones. With C working, i’m on my own today… so this blanket nest on the couch will serve as a lovely spot for the rest of the day… with a workout tossed in there somewhere. Or maybe we’ll double up tomorrow.

Cheers to a new week!



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