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Gratitude Cafe

Morning coffee is like.. a thing for C and I. More so on the weekends, but occasionally our schedules align and we can enjoy it together during the week. Today.. she had to work and I am at home.. so morning coffee is only my thing on this fabulous Tuesday. Funny thing is, we had all intentions to get up super early and make it to the beach to see the sunrise and enjoy our coffee there… together.

Clearly, that did not happen. Instead.. we woke up later than planned, she rushed out the door, and I stumbled into the kitchen to make some coffee. While I was doing so, I couldn’t help but think “why is it so loud?!… its 7:20 in the morning?!

Thats the city for ya. #thingsimlearning

I spoke to someone back home the other day, and they asked me “whats different about living in Chicago than home?” Home, might I add, is a tiny, quiet college-town in Ohio.

That. That up there that I just mentioned. The noise. If your windows are open don’t even try watching television or hold a conversation… unless you’re okay with risking your sound system or screaming over the eight minute train that passes or the sirens that just so happen to be extra loud as they pass your apartment. Sirens, trains, horns, and buses are like background music to your daily life.

Some people equate noise with chaos or stress. I just equate it with the word busy. When you’re busy you move faster and more often, and you make more noise. The city is always busy. It never sleeps. So I cherish these moments where I can stand perfect still and drink my coffee, watching the streets quickly move on with their day. As much as I love to lead a busy and on-the-go life, I am thankful for the moments that time stands still… when I have nothing to do but breathe.



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