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DIY: Scrabble Board Wall

Pinterest has a ton of cute ways to decorate, especially for large open wall spaces. One of my favorite is the Scrabble Board Wall. Some of them are SUPER cute and intricate (ones that you actually play) like this one and this one. Maybe one day we will get that intense.
 But for now, here is ours! Super easy (and inexpensive- I think in total it was $20) …and I think it turned out super cute. Eventually we want to add more words… and have it wrap up on some of the corners!

DIY: Scrabble Board Wall

What You Need:

  • Square blocks- material of choice (Canvas, wood, cork, burlap, etc)
  • Acrylic Paint (contrasting color of block)
  • Command strips

Determine your words AHEAD of time. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself asking the craft store employees for a piece of paper and pencil to map them out…. or sitting on the floor lining up blocks down the aisle.

Determine your size…. you guessed it… AHEAD of time. Originally, we had 2 X 2 blocks for this giant wall. Thank goodness we chose to go bigger because even this size leaves room to fill. We ended up buying 12 X 12 cork boards and cutting them in fourths.

We bought stencils to paint the lettering on… buttttttt they ended up being super tiny, so we free-handed. We let them dry and used command strips to hang them on the wall. It took a few times to figure out spacing and placement… but I think it turned out great. It fills the space well, and leaves room to keep adding more!



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