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Home Sweet [New] Home: The Not So Little Apartment

Going back to my Freshman year of college, I have had my share of homes. Whether it was a townhouse shared by a handful, a cozy (and very tiny) apartment, or a sweet and welcoming house, I’ve always fell in love with each one. Maybe I’m strange, but to me, these places hold your memories, create your memories for as long as you are there. Years later, a song or a smell brings back the nostalgia of that one Christmas party you threw… or the time you caught your stove on fire (…..yeah). During your college years you bounce around depending on your roommates, your class standing, and based on how big of a party you plan to throw and if you have enough space.

Post-grad life is different. You decide on where to live based on your job, the neighborhood, your relationship, etc. Oh, and don’t get me wrong.. you’re still basing that decision at least a little bit on its party ready standard… except now there are things to consider like how close are we to downtown? Can I fill a wall shelf with nothing but wine? Is there good parking for guests?

It all changes, but it all stays the same. That’s of course until you start a family and what not, but I am no. where. near. close to that so back to the story…

We were lucky enough that the stars aligned and things just happened to work out. Thanks to amazing family and friends we stumbled upon what I’m calling “The Not So Little Apartment.”

So for friends and family who have been begging to see pictures. We still have decorating and crafting to do, but its perfect even as it is now. Here you are: (Excuse the quality of the pictures. My phone is way past “Storage Full” thus I have to cheat the system and take and save pictures through snapchat…

Entry hall from the back door

Master bedroom … with the biggest closet I have ever seen… and yet its still overflowing!

I. love. this. bed. IKEA is quite possibly the greatest and im obsessed with the colors and patterns!

Balcony off the bedroom. We still need a giant rug, but cant decide on a color. Suggestions?

Master bath off the bedroom. Excuse the messy towels…

My FAVORITE thing in this apartment. I love baths and I love this tub!

The shower is pretty sweet too!

Guest bedroom

I spy a kitty….

Guest bath that we have some DIYs in the process for!

The kitchen! Aka my second favorite thing

Scrabble word wall! Cant wait to add more!

The living room/ dining room/ “fireplace room” aka my third favorite part of the apartment

Dining area

From right to left- Front door, storage, storage. Down the hall is also another closet that holds the washer and dryer (my other favorite!)

So as you can see, space is not an issue. The open floor plan is amazing, the bedrooms and bathrooms are amazing, the whole place is just…. amazing.

Things you’ll notice the minute you walk in:

  • There’s no shortage of candles
  • There’s no shortage of elephants
  • There’s no shortage of food
  • There’s no shortage of wine

AND… Speaking of food and wine… There is an alcohol delivery service that will bring wine (or beer, or liquor, or mixers, etc for that matter) to our door in an hour or less. Last time I ordered wine…. It got here in 15 minutes. 15 MINUTES. Oh, and the number of delivery (I’m talking sushi, Chinese, Thai, Italian, French, the list goes on) is ridiculous. Talk about culture and diversity. Every night there’s something going on and you can literally experience cultures from around the world just by circling a few blocks. Then you go down Lakeshore and  there’s the beach on one side and the city on the other. I could go on for hours and I’ve experienced only 0.0000000001 percent of what can be experienced and explored so far.

If you can’t tell already, I’m EXTREMELY happy about making this move. The city is so me. I love to learn, I love trying new things, I love meeting new people.

C and I will have many more stories, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be a little more on track with this blog because of it!




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