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#OHtoCHI Pt. 2 {A Windy Beginning of a New Chapter}

So you graduate from college and then what?

  • Apply for 9,678,456,312 jobs
  • Panic when you realize student loans are coming
  • Envy all the students celebrating welcome weekend while your face is buried in you computer
  • Contemplate selling everything you own and moving to an island (which is becoming a top choice of many lately)

I will be the first to admit that I did every single one of those. And cried… A lot.

Isn’t it supposed to be like the game of Life? You got your degree you go to grad school or start a job (high paying if you roll the dice right) meet the man or woman of your dreams, start a family, retire at the really fancy resort in the corner of the game board? …..naaaahhhh.

Thanks Hasbro, for getting all of our hopes up.

It’s a lot different. And a lot scarier.

For example, no matter how many internships you have had, how much professional experience you’ve had, or how great your resume is, applying for 30+ jobs a day is the norm.

(So for those of you feeling the way I felt, stay calm and keep truckin.)

Post grad life is a big deal, and it became an even bigger deal when I made the trip to Chicago to turn my entire world around.

First of all, navigating the city for a person who has lived in the suburbs her entire life is harder than it seems. After missing our train because we were on the wrong side of the tracks and learning the proper directions for INTO the city versus farther OUT of the city, we made it.

After a day of exploring, cue my first post-grad big kid interview. Note that a big kid interview, while you’re still in college, is way less stressful than once you’re out because you still have school to fall back on for the time being.

I successfully caught the train and made it to the (BEAUTIFUL) building that I would go to every day for work. Put on my game face…. and an hour and a half later, that was that.


 The rest of my time in the city, I spent exploring and gazing at the way it sparkles at night. I knew, and had known for a while, that I was meant to be in the city.
Fast forward a few weeks and… voila! We’re back!

This time to make it our home.

That’s right! The time has come that I officially got to create my OWN life event hashtags aka I finally get to announce…

I’m headed to Chicago! I will be continuing my education at the University of Illinois, Chicago to obtain my Masters of Science in Public Health with a concentration of Global and Community Health. I have also been offered a position with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and will be following up with that upon my move. And lastly, I will also be continuing my role as the Contributing Author to The Nourished Belly health and wellness blog.

So here’s to Chicago!Here’s to new things! Here’s to the next chapter in life!

… and if course here’s to awesome life event hashtags! (#OHtoCHI)

Stay tuned!



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