#OHtoCHI | The Big Move

Kent State University (and good ol’ Stow, Ohio) has always been my home.. KSU for much longer than I had expected. Originally set to one day become a teacher, I soon learned that my passion lay somewhere else. After knocking out some of my general education requirements in high school (with the hopes of finishing early) a semester and a half away from graduating in fall of 2013 I changed my major. What was supposed to be a meeting with my advisor to set up student teaching, became a new adventure into the health and sciences world. Looking back at middle school and high school, science and health class were always my favorites, yet having worked with children for so many years I was pulled in another direction. Low and behold, I finally finished. Finally (and I can tell you that my parents were very excited about that finally), as of August 15, 2015, I am a Kent State graduate.

It’s been real Kent State of America. A phrase coined by golden flashes.

Despite endless episodes of tears in the library, the wind tunnel that NEVER gave any mercy, the wars between bursar and financial aid, and the fact that no one (and I mean no one) knows how to shovel or plow in the winter… Kent State gave me the best years of my life & this ceremony brought it all to a close.

So now what?

  • Apply for 9,678,456,312 jobs
  • Panic when you realize the game of loans has begun
  • Envy all the students celebrating welcome weekend and wonder where the time went
  • Contemplate selling everything you own and moving to an island (which is becoming a top choice of many lately)

I will be the first to admit that I did every single one of those. And cried… A lot. Isn’t it supposed to be like the game of Life? Not even remotely. It’s a lot different. And a lot scarier. Post grad life is a big deal, and it became an even bigger deal when I made the trip to Chicago to turn my entire world around.



My whole life I wanted to move to a big, sparkly city. I grew up near Cleveland, and for the latter part of my years in Ohio spent a lot of time up there. Still, the desire to move was there and it was time to embrace it.

Now I will be the first to admit that when C and I first came to Chicago together it seemed so very different. We had both been there many times (her growing up near) and I just to visit… but it seemed so much more difficult then we remembered. Figuring out parking, missing our trains, forgetting to bring flat shoes when walking the city.. the list goes on. I was nervous. I was excited. I couldn’t wait to see what this city had in store.

Fast forward a few weeks… and voila! We’re here to stay. At the end of this month we are moving to Chicago to start the next chapter of our lives. So here’s to Chicago! #OHtoCHI


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