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#OHtoCHI Pt. 1 {A Flash Rewind}

No one really tells you what it’s like… Exiting your college years and entering your professional years. I mean they do. But not with the vast dirty details that they should. It’s weird. It’s exciting. It’s terrifying.

& it’s just getting started.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that Kent State University has been my home for the past 5ish years. Two years ago I was a semester away from graduating and chose to change my major. Then as I traveled down that yellow brick road I redirected my attention (yet again) to a different concentration. Finally (my parents could not be more enthusiastic about the finally), as of August 15, 2015 I am a Kent State graduate.

The girl standing in front of me could not have put a more accurate statement on her cap.

“It’s been real Kent State of America (KSA).”

If you’re not a golden flash… you may not get that phrase, but for the sake of the story just go with it.

Despite endless episodes of tears in the library, the wind tunnel that NEVER gave any mercy, the wars between bursar and financial aid, and the fact that no one (and I mean no one) knows how to shovel or plow in the winter… Kent State gave me the best years of my life.

& this ceremony brought it all to a close.

Now I have to take a quick moment and share another Kent State-ism that I’m sure many of you have heard.

Kent Read. Kent Write. Kent State.

If you haven’t heard this it’s basically an ongoing joke that we can’t read, and we can’t write because we went to Kent State. Ha ha so very funny. Well….. In my attempt to utilize my artsy and creative skills I embodied that phrase in its entirety. Cue Aphla Phi Oemga.

Did you read that right? Probably not, look again.

Aphla (Af-la) Phi Oemga (O-em-ga).

Yup. That time you got it.

For two days (TWO DAYS) the DIY stole you see on the right was my pride and joy. I stared at that thing so many times and basked in my excitement that it turned out how I had hoped. Until later on the second day I looked at it and said, “Oh my god. Alpha is spelled wrong.” I was mortified. How could I misspell alpha? Not a minute later… Try 10 minutes later… I yelled, “OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME. OMEGA IS SPELLED OEMGA. O-EM-GA.” I was now doubly mortified. Not only was this ruined and my spirit crushed, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I hadn’t noticed this for TWO DAYS! And I was graduating college? Kent Read. Kent Write. Kent State.

So needless to say, in the end it was only the perfect disaster to happen.

I haven’t cried yet, but I can guess that this Saturday when I’m on campus for the very last time and partake in my going away/ graduation bar crawl.. I will.

As a summer graduate I feel it’s double weird. Students are going back to school, moving in and decorating their dorms, and here I am thinking…Now what?

Stay tuned!



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