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Courage, bravery, heroism come in many forms. STOP making it a competition. 

I’m not one to jump and share my opinions on the “major issues” social media glorifies on a regular basis for multiple reasons.

1) ninety percent of the time it leads to an argument, some ridiculous and unnecessary comment, or personal attack because feelings have veered the conversation far from the path of logic and 2) I believe everyone is entitled to their own feelings, values, and beliefs.

This issue I have is when people stop LISTENING, stop making an attempt to UNDERSTAND, and stop RESPECTING the differing beliefs and viewpoints of others. I can’t help but stir over morning coffee as I continually read such awful arguments.
So cue the Caitlyn Jenner “controversy. ”

Since her debut as (remember) the person who she truly is. The person who she is comfortable being in her own skin as, nothing but drama has flooded the social media scene. Because words such as bravery, courage, and heroism have been used, her story has become a joke and turned against her by creating a competition of what truly denotes those adjectives.

Well for all of you losing your mind over this. Let’s take a second and open up the dictionary.

Courage -the ability to do something that frightens one.

Brave- possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance.

If you’ve already forgotten you can look at what the dictionary defines as courage above if you need help on this one.

Hero- a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.

So looking at these three definitions what’s the one thing they all have in common?

They are all open to opinion.

Caitlyn’s story is courageous because for the majority of her life she was afraid to be who she was. She faced that fear and did something in spite of it… The exact definition above. She was brave in sharing her story, because despite what some may think, this world is full of hate (clearly.. ). No matter if you are white, black, straight, gay, Christian, Muslim, you name it- someone hates it. And to stand up for what you believe in (regardless of what that may be) is brave in this world for the simple fact that you don’t know what kind of criticism and hate you could be subjecting yourself to. And lastly, she can be considered a hero.. Because to someone who might be struggling with accepting who they are, she may have just given them the strength to make a change in their life. A hero is all based on opinion.

Seriously, think about it.

A 10 year strong vegetarian is a hero to a growing teen just beginning that choice of a lifestyle, looking to them for guidance.

A soldier is a hero to those at home enjoying the freedoms that their bravery gives to us.

A high school boy who stands up to the group of students bullying the girl with down syndrome is a hero for standing up for others despite their differences.

A child is a hero who stands up to a friends abusive parent and reports them to child protective services.

A homosexual man is a hero for standing up for equal rights after a close friend was physically attacked just for being who he is.

A father is a hero to a young child that looks so greatly up to him and aspires to be equally as great as they grow up.

NO ONE is saying she is more courageous, brave, or more of a hero than those who are oversees.

NO ONE is belittling the heroism that others show every day.

For those of you making this a competition of what truly counts as being a hero or courageous… Stop. Of the examples I listed above, maybe 2 will get medias attention. The rest go unrecognized unless someone shares their story. What if at one point in your life, you are faced with something you fear and have to make a choice to rise above it? Will you belittle your own accomplishments? If someone looks to you as their hero, will you take that away from them?

Courage, bravery, and heroism come in many forms. It’s time to start respecting even tiniest of stories shared. Because to you someone’s story might mean nothing, but to them it means the world.



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