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I’m That (Weird) Girl.

I can be extremely awkward.

I like to talk- ask questions and know things… and sometimes I make it weird.

Fashion wise? I think I have got it pretty down… with a few twists of weirdness. For instance, hot air balloon earrings and bird printed blouses are staples of mine.

I get butterflies when walking into a bookstore or library.

I squeal (a really high-pitched squeal) when I get excited.

I may love grocery shopping more than going mall shopping.

My glasses slide down my nose every five minutes, and I really know how to rock that “grandma” style.

I’m  known for my signature scrunch face (as pictured above).

I cry at everything. Happy things. Sad things. Songs. Movies. Successfully digging my car out of a snow mound. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

I snort when I laugh.

For some reason I have zero control over the volume of my voice.

I  have the chemical structure of a neurotransmitter tattooed behind my ear. (Yeah…)

I can eat more than any human on this planet and still never be full.

I make the most ridiculous facial expressions.. sometimes without even realizing.

I have an attention span smaller than an atom.

I makes movie references, sing throughout my conversations, and add commentary to everything in life.

I may or may not believe my cats are humans.

I love with all of my heart.

What defines us as a person? What makes us who we are? We are born into this world with a blank story. As we grow we develop characteristics and quirks that make us difference and unique. Yet, for some reason we spend a large portion of our life trying to fit in and avoid being different from what is deemed “normal.” But why?

Eventually, you come to discover who you are and your purpose here on earth. Through ups and downs, heartaches and butterflies, we are slowly shaped into the best version of ourselves. At this point in my life, I am not sure what my exact purpose is or where I will end up…. But I do know what I like and what I want… and I have created a path towards victory. Unfortunately, regardless of this will to succeed or strength from within, there will be times… where you are told by many people… to be somebody else. Be skinnier. Be prettier. Be smarter. Be happier. Your flaws become deal breakers in social.. and sometimes even professional situations.

You’ve gotta’ push past it.

You’ve gotta’ be you.

Abnormal is the new normal. You are the only person who knows who you are, and how great- at that, and the people who you attract by your original qualities.. are the people who will only lift you up. Stand your ground for who you are and be able to say, I’m that girl.. and be proud of it.



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