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Seeing is Believing

“Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are things we can’t see.” – The Polar Express

The holidays are a magical time. The time spent around the table with family and friends is the most precious gift of all, and those moments spent into the wee hours of the night laughing and reminiscing will be cherished forever.

For the holidays in my family, Santa still needs to be tracked on the Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve. Before going to sleep, the cookies are placed on the table with milk, the fireplace is cleared of any objects that could lend trouble to St Nick as he delivers his gifts, and the Santa Key (the magical skeleton key that only Santa can work) is hung on the door.

The youngest of us four siblings is on top of this production, and he makes sure that everyone understands the Christmas Day drill. He will wake up (most likely before the sun even thinks of rising) and run down stairs to see if Santa had visited. If he can confirm, he flys through the house from room to room explaining that it is time to wake up… no exceptions! We all make our way and find our own little spot. While doing so, he’s already unhooking and passing out stockings… and partially through opening some of his gifts. The opening of gifts in total… maybe lasts 10 minutes and ends with a sea of wrapping paper and bows.

The best part of all of this is not the gifts… but the magic that Santa has left each and every year. One year we found reindeer tracks on the roof. Another year we found a torn piece of red velvet fabric from Santa’s suit and a black button caught on our fireplace. This year… our fireplace gate was open and Santa left a trail of boot prints to the tree. The reaction of our little brother is the most special thing anyone can witness. Pure belief… pure belief in absolute magic.

The genuine and delicate mind of child is something that we lose as we grow older. We focus on the things that we have… the things that we can see. We forget, that many things in life we can’t see… in fact we can only feel them. Faith. Joy. Love. Fate. Magic. It’s around this time of year that I am reminded that we choose our outlook on life. We can choose to base our lives on what we can see right in front of us, or we can focus on the unknown ahead of us and live each moment and feel it in its entirety. “Magic” can happen in any moment of our day-to-day lives.. but it’s up to us to allow ourselves to believe, and by doing so.. to live.

Wishing a wonderful holiday season to you and yours!



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