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DIY: Marquee Sign

I love lights… especially non-traditional ones. I’m always looking for ways to add light in a room other than with a store-bought lamp. I decided to make my own marquee sign for my gallery wall (that is still a work in process). It was easy….ish but overall turned out better than I expected!

What You Need:

  • Letters to spell out word/ phrase of your choice (wooden or cardboard paper mache)
  • Drill
  • String lights
  • Globe accents for lights if desired
  • Nails
  • Tape

I couldn’t find the cardboard paper mache letters so I bought the wooden ones at my local craft store. Using a pen, mark where you would like the lights. Drill holes all way through and smooth out.

Once all of the holes are drilled, you can paint the letters as desired. I chose to leave them as is because I liked the neutral color.

I made the mistake of stringing the lights through first and attempting to hang them afterwards. Wrong. This just ends in turmoil. Hang your letters first to ensure you get the exact spacing that you would like.

Remove one letter at a time and string the lights through, taping excess wire and lights on the back of the letters. I started with the bottom word, strung from left to right then back to the left so I could do the top word and have my lights end in the same place. As you string each letter, hang it back on the wall and move to the next.

You can add globe accents to the lights to give it that Broadway vibe or leave the lights as is. Voila! Homemade marquee light for your home!

Proud moment in DIY land!





    • aperfectbalanceofwords

      Thank you! You mgiht still be able to! Try using the heavy duty velcro command strips! I used those for everything! The thick velcro ones wont ruin the wall and are strong enough to hold almost anything! I acutally hung mine with strips at first but kept repositioning it and wasted all of them… so I switched to nails. Good luck! :)

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