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To My Baby Sister and Brothers:

Scrolling through blogs and Tumblrs and endless Pinterest boards (as I procrastinated the endless number of assignments I needed to complete), I came across this little list… artistically painted on canvas. A list of things I wish I would have understood back in those awkward teen years when I thought my first “serious” crush in middle school was my happily ever after. A list that I wish every thirteen year old girl or boy could read and believe prior to entering into the crazy world of love….

I will only share the love in my life with…

Someone who makes me feel so excited I can’t stop myself from wanting more

Someone who doesn’t keep me guessing about their feelings and what they want

Someone who pursues me

Someone who does what they say they’re going to do

Someone who doesn’t make me feel anxious, uneasy, or worse by being in a relationship with them than I did being alone

Someone who makes an effort to be a peacemaker and bring harmony to fights and disagreements

Someone who is not afraid of commitment and proud to call me theirs

Someone who doesn’t keep me in the dark

Someone who would never do anything to compromise the integrity of our relationship or get anywhere close

Someone who makes a constant attempt to love the people I hold dear, especially my family

Someone who believe in love the verb not the noun

Someone who honors the person that I am and have the potential to become

Someone who doesn’t make me feel like I have to give up anything which I find essential in my life

Someone with whom a relationship would bring me closer to my aspirations for the future

Someone who would move mountains to keep me

Someone who pushes themselves to the best that they can be

Someone who dreams and set goals for themselves and for us

Someone who will unconditionally love me for me

Someone whose love is profound, life changing, healthy, uplifting, joyous, inspiring and intoxicating

… because I deserve a wonderfully fulfilling life.

– Uknown

This little list, is something many of us forget. By no means am I an expert at love. I’ve had my share of heartaches and happy memories.. of stupid choices and ridiculous end results. One thing I do know, is love can be a tricky little thing. As I watch my younger siblings (yes, you guys) begin to go through the rollercoaster world of love, I can only hope that they keep this little list in the back of their mind. Always remembering what they deserve and what they are worth.



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