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A Year Connected & Unplugged

“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued- when they can give and receive without judgement.” – Brene Brown, PHD, LMSW

Just this past weekend, I got a new cell phone. I finally got the coveted iPhone 6 everyone was raving about. Now keep in mind that I had the original 4… cracked on the front… shattered on the back… with a mind of its own. This sleek, clean beauty was beyond just an upgrade. I felt connected with the world again.

As I sat on my couch playing with all of its exciting features, setting up my fingerprints, and more, I pondered the endless apps that I would need to download and sign into. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, WordPress, Vine, etc. The list is endless. But then I stopped. Why does a piece of electronic equipment make me feel connected with the world again? Why is it natural instinct to ensure all of these social apps are working for the fear of missing ground breaking news-feed?


I couldnt tell ya. But I can tell ya, it shouldnt be.

I realized that I spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media. It’s a part of my everyday routine. Shouldnt running, crafting, learning a new subject, anything other than staring at a screen be a part of my daily routine? I think yes. So I decided to unplug myself. Other than three apps (which I will provide my one hundred percent accurate reasoning on) I decided to stay away from social media. Pinterest… let’s be real.. We all need that. Where else am I supposed to find the next recipe or craft to add to my list? LinkedIn- its a professional thing. I use it for my internships so I needed to at least have that… and Wordpress. I love writing and its an outlet of creativity and release for me. So I let that one slide too. But that is all!


Today, the only way we feel “connected” with one another is by the likes on our photos. We learn about the life changing events of a friend on a computer screen along with hundreds of others instead of sharing in that moment with the people we love most. And lets not forget about the negativity we create for ourselves when we misinterpret something that we see or read on another persons page. It does nothing good for us. None of it. Yeah its fun, and believe me… I am the FIRST to take and post a picture of justtttt about anything. But those moments shouldnt be wasted taking enough pictures to find the “instagram perfect” one. Those moments should be lived. Should be felt. I want to share my life news with the people in my life over coffee or lunch. I want to actually laugh with my friends instead of typing a few “lols.” Its time that I learn to connect without be plugged in.

So here is to a year of being unplugged. I will still write on here because this is one of my creative outlets, a happy place. Other than that, I foresee a packed calendar… of coffee dates and wine nights with friends. I encourage you to do the same! Unplug and connect.



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