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I Promise, Because I Deserve

I think sometimes we steer away from recognizing the things that we deserve because we are afraid of coming off as a narcissist. The fact of the matter is, its unhealthy to not take the time to recognize your self-worth and how amazing you are. To be so critical of yourself that you begin to think that unfortunate things that happen in life are supposed to happen because that’s was you deserve is detrimental to your mental well-being and in the long run your physical health.

Lately, I have been this way.

I have noticed myself making excuse after excuse for people or things in my life that may have hurt or upset me, or taken me for granted. I have blamed myself for things not working out and took off running with an apology that I didn’t even owe.

I like to see the good in people, no matter what.

I have been seeing this quote a lot. It’s from a movie. The movie I refuse to see as of right now because I know I need at least three of my closest girlfriends, three boxes of tissues, and three bottles of wine to make it through a half sobbing mess.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”


I think this quote was coined waaaay before this movie, but became mainstream once it was spoken from the lips of one of the moving characters. I thought about it, and I think this quote applies to everything.

We accept what we think we deserve in general. If we think of ourselves as anything less than exceptional, why would we think we deserve anything more?

The other day, I came across this article, 23 Promises Every Girl Should Make To Her Self and Keep Forever by Kylie McConville. It hit home. More than half of those things, I don’t do… but should.

So im making those promises . With the exception of dating girls rather than boys of course…. and with a focus on three in particular:

  • “I promise – today, tomorrow and every day – to put myself first, to chase after the things I want and never to settle for anything less than I know I deserve. (McConville, 2014)”
  • “I promise never to keep my mouth shut, to speak up when I know my voice needs to be heard, to shout louder when it’s ignored. I promise not to apologize for how I feel, for what I believe in, for what I stand for. (McConville, 2014)”
  • “I promise to make plans for tomorrow and today and for three weeks from now. I promise never to stop planning, always to want something more, always to plan for something greater and bigger and more exciting than the things I know today. (McConville, 2014)”

I am also promising to recognize what I am worth. I may not be a star athlete, an adored movie star, or drop dead gorgeous supermodel, but I am me. I deserve exceptionality because I am exceptional in my own way. I promise to value myself, for I am irreplaceable. There is only one me.


How do you look at yourself? What do you think you deserve? Chances are, you are not holding yourself as high as you should be.



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