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When it Rains…

There are certain things that can open up your soul, leaving you happier than you thought possible… one of them being playing in the rain. I remember, as a kid, splashing around in the soppy grass and running until I “tripped” and fell into the sea of water that covered our yard. My parents were never too happy with me… and my soaked, muddy clothes.. but I was always filled to the brim with happiness.

Those things stop after a while. Soon you begin to dread the rain. Worried about your hair and makeup, your nice clothes you picked out for the business meeting at work, dreading that cold, wet feeling all due to knowing you have to be somewhere important.

The other day, I chose to be a kid again. In nothing but some running shorts and a sweatshirt, I slipped on my (favorite) cheetah print rain boots and grabbed the biggest umbrella I could find and headed out into the water.

It was pouring. Like monsoon pouring. Okay.. maybe not that heavy, but it was a lot to me. I can’t even begin to explain how utterly amazing it was. May not have been the greatest thing… but the front yard was filling with huge pools of water. I jumped from one to the next laughing at how crazy I must have looked to my neighbors. Protected under the giant umbrella, I occasionally closed my eyes and moved it over to one side letting the rain drench me before giggling and ducking back under. It was absolute bliss.

Playing in the rain didn’t just remind me how important it is to set aside time to have fun and relax. It’s just as important to set aside time to completely let loose and get down to pure, raw, fun. Between riding the giant fun slide at the fair and playing in the rain, I laughed harder than I have in a while. Theres a difference between having a good time and being completely consumed by what you’re experiencing. Regardless of what it is, set aside time to just let go. Play in the rain, sneak to your favorite park and play on the jungle gyms while no ones there, or pull out those old Nintendo 64 video games. Be a kid again. Whatever it is, let it completely consume you with happiness.

Because you deserve it.



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