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Week(end) Wandering

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This weekend was just what the doctor ordered.

Friday encompassed movies and good company with family and my little old man, Rigsy… aka the sweetest and strangest puppy you’ll ever meet.

Saturday was a mix of childhood play at a local festival (who knew riding the GIANT fun slide as an adult would be THAT COOL) and exploring a nearby favorite, Ohio City. We ate dinner at this restaurant, Town Hall. Holy Honolulu… so. good. We of course got the smashed avocado, which is their version of guacamole, complete with fresh tomato salsa and goat cheese. If you ever want an amazing meal- go here. I will rave about them for years to come! The rest of the night was spent relaxing at home ( a thing we don’t do that often) with some doodling and in home pampering.

Today was all relaxation. A quick clean up of the house, grocery shopping, and a couple of errands here and there.. but the rest of the day and night had nothing on the agenda. The one thing I got to do before the storms got too crazy, was splash around in the puddles and pouring rain in my cheetah print rain boots. Totally rad, if you ask me.

Tomorrow starts a new week, Enjoy!




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