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Who are you?

“Who are you?”
“Do you know what has happened to you?”
“Is this the way you want to live your life?”

If anyone is as die-hard of a fan as I am, you should know where this came from. No? Well, it was Greys Anatomy. Very seldom do you receive life lessons from a television show.. but sometimes, they offer up some really great advice that should be given some heavy thought to.


Dr. Yang begins to ask these questions of herself after having asked them to a patient who’s life has changed forever due to a terrible accident. Now paralyzed and relying on a machine to sustain his life, he was faced with a decision who’s answer would come from the same three questions above.

Stopping for a moment, you would most likely only hear those questions only as the type to be asked in the unfortunate situations like the one above. You wouldn’t think to look at those questions in regards to your normal, everyday life.

Throughout the episode they play out the “dominoes of life.” If this person said this instead of that, or this person did that instead of this… where would they be today? Where would the person next to them be today? … essentially playing out the concept that all actions of any individual are linked to one another and can alter the lives of many.. not just one. Throughout the episode you hear those three questions, echoing from the tv screen, on repeat in your very own mind.


“Who are you?”

Who am I? What defines me as me? What are my goals, my aspirations, my dreams? What makes me unique? What makes me different? Am I allowing others to define or influence me? Who am I?


“Do you know what has happened to you?”

What have I gone through? Do I understand what I’ve gone through? What have I experienced? What experiences have shaped who I am today? Where am I going?  Where is my past taking my future? Do I know what has happened to me?


“Is this the way you want to live your life?”

Is this right for me? Am I following my dreams? Am I leading the direction of my life? Am I giving something up? Am I following the path I have laid out? Is this what I want? Would I change anything? Is this the way I want to live my life?


I have to say, this episode really hit home. Not in the emotional-tied into the drama of the plot (which is basically every single episode aired) hit home. More like, woah-makes you think- hit home. Three simple questions that breakdown into many more, are three questions you should ask yourself more often. In a way, they are like a checkpoint. Very often we forget who we are or what we want in life. Engulfed by the media and trends, influence of the individuals around us, striving to be what we think will make us accepted. Little do we know, acceptance comes first with yourself. Strength, confidence, and courage will lead you in the right direction, gravitate you towards positivity in what you aspire, and surround yourself with people who lift you up. We all need a reminder sometimes. We all need some help with reflecting on the now and redirecting the future. So when you feel like you’ve lost track, don’t know where to go…. ask yourself…


“Who am I?”
“Do I know what has happened to me?”
“Is this the way I want to live my life?”



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