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You Are You

I am smart. I am strong. I am faithful. I believe. I am caring. I am worth it. I am me.

We as humans don’t give ourselves enough credit. We endure a lot through our day-to-day lives. When things start to build up around us we tend to look negatively at ourselves. When others send criticism or hatred towards us, we ponder their words rather than stand strong for who we are. Humans are very complex and incredible beings. I have made a goal for myself to improve my confidence in being who I am, stand strong in my beliefs and views, and be not afraid to stand out from the norm. I think it hits home harder when I see younger generations striving to become the person they think everyone will like. Name brand clothes. The hottest and latest trends. If you don’t have those, you’re in the dust. I remember that stage. I remember wanting so badly to have all those things that made me “fit in.” Now, being older and (a lot!) wiser, I see how silly that was. My weirdness and quirkiness is enough. My love for clothes printed with weird patterns and animals is enough. My interest in all things nerdy and scientific is enough. Its more than enough actually.

Operation Confidence is under way. It now, however, has turned into more than that. As I watch my younger siblings grow, and others in my life whom I have seen fall victim to creating this facade of who they really are.. I hope to guide them to trust themselves. Trust that what they have to offer naturally is enough. It’s enough to stand out. It’s enough to move mountains. It’s enough.. to do anything. So to my baby siblings whom I love so dearly, remember you are you, you are the only you, and you are great.



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