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“You’re Gay… That’s a shame. Youre missing out, what a waste.”

Today marks probably the hundredth time I have heard this phrase…

Never have I ever really thought about it, until today.

“That’s a shame.” – Different beliefs, different morals, values lead people to believe something is bad or not fulfilling or right. However, contrary to what one might think, it’s not a shame at all. I am a genuinely happy person, and am happy and content with the life I live. Just as any other person, I strive to be the best that I can be and seek to better myself. Being gay doesn’t change  or define who I am. I am me, regardless of who I love.

“You’re missing out…” – What am I missing out on exactly? I have an amazing girlfriend who loves me for every little thing that’s me. I am in a happy, healthy relationship in which both of us push each other to excel and support and inspire each other every day. Just like anyone else I can be intimate and romantic, get married, have children, and raise a family. Unless I am missing something, being gay doesn’t actually stop me from doing anything.

“What a waste.”- A waste of what? I am a young woman of many talents, many dreams. Being gay doesn’t mean you’re less talented, weaker, less attractive. In fact, there are PLENTY of people who are gay and are EXTREMELY talented, STRONGer than most, and VERY attractive. I see no waste.

As I sat there and stared at the floor, completely baffled by what was just said to me.. I responded to each part of that sentence in my head, exactly as I did above. I am beginning to learn that people will be people. They will be ignorant, they will be insensitive… but the one thing I have to remember is they do not influence or change who I am in any way. Each one of us have so many things to bring to this world. Regardless of what another thinks, nothing can make anyone less of a person.. or less special. There is no shame in being who you are. Nothing to miss out on for being you… and No waste of anything by being exactly the way you are.



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