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First Steps

I was going to post this grand post about the new year and the year that came and went. I was going to post a picture heavy post with my favorite memories from 2013. I was going to do a lot with this blog in regards to the new year… but I didn’t.

I chose to start working on myself and the goals that I set forth for the year instead.

Everyone.. well most people.. make new year resolutions/ goals/ aspirations, whatever one may call them. We make a huge deal about it and get really excited, and then what happens? That list gets shoved away and before you know it, you’re making a new one. You know.. the list that you ACTUALLY will do.. or so you say. Most likely there will be a big to do about it and itll end up just like the last. This why I chose to just do them. Write about them later. I may only be a few days in, but at least im in.

One of the biggest goals I have set forth for myself is my personal wellbeing. I stress… over EVERYTHING. I do this… A LOT. The best way that I can visualize this is by comparing myself with that little guppy fish in Finding Nemo that swims away from the sharks once Nemo and Dory arrive. The little green one? Shakes a lot? That’s him. Okay… maybe im not that bad all the time, but when my mind gets caught up in something I have a very hard time letting it go.

I plan that throughout this year I will get better at several things regarding my well-being. 1~ I will learn to manage my stress better. Not everything is the end of the world (and for a drama queen like me, that is hard for me to actually apply). I will learn to take things for what they are and decide whether its something I first of all, have control over, and second of all, should worry about.  2~ I will learn to let go. Things happen in life. You will get upset, you will get excited. Its more important to hold on to those things that make you happy and make your life enjoyable. I will learn to let go of those things that I can’t change and things that don’t matter. 3~ I will learn self-confidence. I know the person I am and the person I can be. I will not let myself doubt my decisions and beliefs and I will carry myself in the highest way possible. There is only one me, in general you are the only you. So why hide that from the world? Share it. 4~ I will write more. As you may be able to notice, writing is my form of therapy. When I write things, I think about them. When I think about them, I’m more likely to act on them. Not only will I maintain my blog (third times a charm right?) but I will also keep a journal. Personal feelings, experiences, thoughts- writing allows you to reflect which is a great way of managing stress (SEE?! Connections!)

On the physical side of my well-being I am seeking a healthier lifestyle in general. Continuing on with the goals I have set for myself 5~ I will rest more. I am alwaaaaaaaays on the go. Never sitting down, reading a book, taking a nap, never sitting still. Even if it’s not sleeping, I will allow myself to rest more and give my body and mind that break that it needs. 6~ I will eat healthier (one we all choose to do). I have learned that eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact it can be the opposite.  Why not make a smart decision that will have a huge impact on my future now?

7~ I will run a half marathon. This goal is actually a very specific one. On the same concept, I will exercise more. I have found myself more often than not, sluggish and worn down. I’m young… there is no excuse! So while making that commitment to exercise more, why not put it towards an ultimate goal? Training just recently started and let me tell you … I am in for a LOVELY surprise. But even just thinking about the feeling of completing it, gives me an amazing sense of accomplishment and pride.. and I know it’s already worth it.

Other than those seven I have laid out seven other goals (yes equalling to 14 because its 2014, dorky I know.) 8~ I will read more. 9~ I will save more, spend less. 10~ I will be debt free (credit cards goodbye) by the middle of the year. 11~ I will travel to two new states. 12~ I will learn something new (knitting, instrument, etc). 13~ I will visit family more. 14~ I will spend WAY less time on social media. My blog doesn’t count though :) . I’m more or less referring to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Although a mixture of some personal goals that all correlate and goals that have more to do with specific things- I have already made that first step into starting several of them. To make it even more known to myself, I have printed and posted them on my fridge (a place we allllll visit many times a day!) along with my training schedule checklist. They are all right there to remind me daily of the things I will (not hope to) accomplish by years end. And yes, I plan to use my blog to document the success of each one. Also, don’t be surprised (as you can see) that many of my Instagram photos end up on here. Nine times out of ten, I take one and that is when I start thinking about a blog post. Then it all depends on time for when my thoughts will actually become written words.

So here’s to a new year, full of I will’s and not I hope’s.



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