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I Took a Selfie

I hate taking selfies. Absolutely hate them. I always feel so silly taking a picture of myself posing. Why though? Why do they bother me so much? They’re pictures. All taken in fun and games. Well, I once started this thing called Project 365. Every day for an entire year I take a picture. The last time I tried it I made from May 2012 to February 2013.. so close. The pictures were kind of hodge-podged together and really didn’t have any particular meaning to the day they were taken on…. aaaand I may have cheated a few times. Honesty is key, right? Well I want to try it again, but with a few spins on the concept. Every photo I take I want some type of meaning behind it, kind of like a highlight of the day thing. Something that encompasses what I was feeling and doing that day. I want to remind myself, that this project isnt about whats in front of the camera, but behind as well. My feelings, my thoughts. Selfies do just that. As I was taking this picture yesterday, I remember thinking to myself “well this is weird” and “why am I taking this.” The answer was because I was feeling good. I was feeling strong, on track, confident, and most importantly happy. I just recently bought a couple of these boyfriend blazers and boy do I love them. Anywho, I felt good and that’s important… that is what I am seeking to improve.



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