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We all have many moments where we think to ourselves, ” I want to change this.” Sometimes its something as little as the color of our hair or the way the furniture is arranged at home. Other times its our style or our favorite interests. And still there are other times where it’s as big as the path we have chosen in life or the person we see ourselves becoming. No matter the size or importance we never know where to start. Of course we could pick up self-discovery books or enroll in a yoga class or two, but we still have trouble deciphering exactly where the best starting point begins.

For me, I recognized I needed to change my happiness. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a happy person. However, I wanted to be even happier. I needed to be. There were so many things I wanted to change –> 1) My exercise and physical activity. Having been a dancer for 18 years, one day when getting up from the couch (after vegging out and watching endless episodes of New Girl) I noticed my energy level was low… and I mean looooow. My endurance level was down and I noticed getting tired out quicker and quicker each day. 2) My nutrition and diet. It took eating out at countless numbers of restaurants in one week alone to realize… what in the world am I doing? For health reasons and personal reasons it became apparent that a gluten-free diet alongside a well-balanced and wholesome diet was needed… asap. 3) My bliss. There are so many things I find interest in… reading, blogging, being outdoors, cooking/baking, crafting, learning… but I wasn’t keeping up with anything. I sorta stopped doing things outside of what I had to do each day. I simply took away personal time for me to do things I enjoyed… with no explanation as to why. I just simply stopped.

So that’s when the reinvention began.

I took the time to sit down and think about the things I wanted to change and the things I wanted to improve. The change list was simple- I wanted to change the time I allotted for things I enjoyed. The improve list… a little bigger… but hey, we can always look to improve! Fitness, nutrition and diet, and mental health- specifically my happiness, all made the cut. Alongside my own personal attack on the things that were bothering me I started reading Change Your Mind Change Your Body by Daniel G. Amen, M.D., and I love it. And you know what? Before even taking any action on the plan I had set forth, I already felt happier.

So where does this blog come into play? Well my last blog was a continuation on my first blog. With this whole reinvention thing, one of the things I missed most was blogging. I’m aware im not a professional blogger, with thousands of people reading it daily. But I am me, and I have a story. Words are such powerful things. The power of writing can glorify something ten times bigger. So I blog. I blog for me. Friends and family read occasionally, and sometimes random followers find inspiration or interest in my crazy posts, but ultimately my blog is a place where I can let loose… (aaand eventually I can print it all in a really cool blog book with pictures and what not and its waaaaaay cooler than a journal.) I originally planned on just continuing with my last one but I noticed I hadn’t posted in a year (shame, shame). So with this reinvention theme, I created a new one –> Little Letters Big Words.

Soooo, here goes.

A new place to share my thoughts and feelings, all while continuing to discover me.



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  1. Kristine

    That’s so awesome Ashley! It is really amazing to do self discovery, it helps you see life around you in a whole new light. You truley are able to find happiness even in the most frustrating times, because you learn to ” let it go”. You look beyond the imperfections. It takes practice, but when you finally feel the overwhelming sense of relief, the calmness that comes, your heart, mind and soul open up to the beauty that is around you…and you will never let that feeling go, because its an amazing feeling! Good luck to you in your new endeavor!! Luv a!!! Mom 😊

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